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How much for a tail?

Prices are shown in euros. Please mouse over the ‘?’ on the store page for conversion into US dollars.


How much will shipping to my country cost?

Please contact your local customs bureau for exact shipping costs.


Can I swim in the tail?

Certainly! It takes some getting used to, although training with a monofin will help you along.

In the tail your legs will be bound together and the monofin is a little stiffer, so swim with care and supervision.

There’s a great video on mermaid or merman swimming on YouTube – just search for the ‘making of’ video of the serial H2O: Just Add Water.


Is swimming in the tails allowed in pools?

We ourselves were unsure when we tried it in a public pool (in Germany) for the first time. So we gathered our courage and tried it out… but no one complained!

Of course, make sure to check with the pool management and lifeguards, to assure them there won’t be any trouble; and that you can swim in the monofin without hitting anybody.

And remember there is plenty of space in lakes and the sea, though you need to be a stronger swimmer there.

All the best!


How much does the monofin weigh?

It weighs about 1.76 lb (0.8 kg). It won’t pull you under, but again, it does take getting used to!


Do I need swimming and diving skills to swim in the tail?

Definitely! The tail is not a swimming aid and should not be used by non-swimmers.


Is swimming in the tail difficult?

Not really, but you need to be able to swim. Try the dolphin kick in a monofin to get used to the stroke.


Is it hard to put on the tail?

It needs some practice, but it becomes quite easy after that! Try it a few times at home, then take it to the pool.


What should I note when using the tail, to prevent damage?

Don’t move around too much out of water; the fabric will get damaged if it rubs on a rough surface.

More details (such as washing and drying) can be found in the care sheet that comes shipped with each tail.


How will I know my tail has been shipped?

We ship all our tails using FedEx. Once the goods are sent (about 1 or 2 days after we receive payment), you will immediately receive an email informing you that the order has shipped.

The email will also include a tracking link, so you can see where your parcel is at any time.


How long will my tail take to arrive?

FedEx estimates a 3-5 working day delivery time for European destinations, and 5-7 working days for further ones.


Is express shipping available?

Yes—please email us to find out more.


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